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Spring 2019 Newsletter

Spring 2019 Newsletter

Should you rent a vacation home? Vacation rentals, whether near the ski slopes or on the beach, can be a great way to create memories with family and friends. It’s never been easier to find the perfect place at an affordable price thanks to websites like Airbnb and...

Winter 2019 Newsletter

Winter 2019 Newsletter

Keep your tax credit for charitable gifts Following the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), many taxpayers are concerned about losing tax breaks for charitable contributions. Under the law, fewer households have a tax incentive to make charitable gifts. However, with...

Fall 2018 Newsletter

Fall 2018 Newsletter

It’s one of the facts of community living: Where you have neighbors, you can have problems. There are some things you can do about annoying neighbors and some things that could land you in legal trouble. Start by talking to your neighbor. Share what’s bothering you....

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Winter 2019 1-Keep your tax credit for charitable gifts 2-Moved out of state? Check your estate plan 3-Credit unfreezes now free 4-Paying taxes when you inherit a home 5-Grandparents’ options for college costs 

Fall 2018 1-Dealing with disagreeable neighbors 2-Potentially dangerous drugs and medical devices in the news 3-Is an absent spouse an ‘abandoning’ spouse? 4-Including frequent flyer miles in estate plans

Summer 2018  1-Make an estate plan for your digital assets  2-New tax law prompts IRA conversions  3-Buying long term care insurance for your parents  4-When your parents die with debt  5-Protect work with lasting value:  Estate planning for copyrights

Spring 2018  1-Tax reform will have big impact on divorce  2-What employers need to know about the new tax bill  3-Home values could decline thanks to tax changes  4-Tax reform impacts pass-through entities  5-Airline passenger can seek emotional distress damages for needle prick

Winter 2018  1-How to leave your home to the kids 2-Communicate with your kids before leaving unequal assets 3-Pre-litigation claims can be effective in estate tax disputes 4-Proposed regulations curtailing valuation discounts withdrawn

Fall 2017  1-Learn from celebrities’ estate planning blunders 2-Mishandling terminations can lead to headaches 3-Must websites accommodate blind users? 4-Spat between parents may constitute ‘change in circumstances’

Summer 2017  1-Estate planning options for blended families 2-Beware the pitfalls of naming a minor as your beneficiary 3-How to change an irrevocable trust 4-Review your estate plan when you move across state lines  5-Issues to consider before gifting your home to your child

Spring 2017  1-What should employers expect from a Trump administration? 2-Be aware that your credit monitoring scores can differ 3-Parents battle over screen time 4-Act early if you think you’ve experienced medical malpractice

Winter 2017  1-Valuation discounts for transfers in family businesses in jeopardy 2-Remarriage is a reminder to revisit your estate plan 3-Should you amend or rewrite your revocable trust? 4-Survivorship life insurance can be good vehicle for estate planning

Fall 2016 1-Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. 2-The danger of waiting too long to do estate planning 3-Do you really understand your Miranda rights? 4-Divorcing? Record your home on your smartphone 5-New overtime rules start December 1

Summer 2016  1-New problem for some executors and heirs 2-The advantages of making a list of assets and debts 3-Charitable donations from your IRA could save taxes 4-Spendthrift trust gets divided at divorce 5-Financial advisors have more responsibility to client

Spring 2016  1-Starting an LLC? What you need to know 2-Divorce refinancing home issues 3-Manufacturer is sued for confusing safety instructions 4-More workers are able to sue for age discrimination 5-Some gifts to charity should be made now, not in your will 6-New, easier forms will help mortgage shoppers

Winter 2016  1-Asset Protection is for Everyone 2-IRS Tax Crackdown Might Actually End up Helping; 3-Preparing Now for the Possibility of Alzheimer’s Disease; 4-Having Two Trustees May Be Better than One; 5-Audrey Hepburn’s Sons Battle over Keepsakes for 23 Years

Fall 2015  1-Remarrying? Always Consider a Prenup; 2-Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Are Surprisingly Common; 3-Some Bequests That ‘Look’ Equal Really Aren’t; 4-IRS Explains Mortgage Interest Deduction for Multiple Owners; 5-Late-Night E-Mails Might Entitle Workers to Overtime

Summer 2015  1-How to Avoid Common Trust Mistakes; 2-Families with Disabled Children Get New Tax-Saving Accounts; 3-Converting to a Roth IRA Can Help with Estate Planning; 4-New Laws May Clarify Estate Planning for Online Assets